Russian Standard Vodka is one of the best high quality vodkas. It is produced by Russian Standard Company since 1998. Later it was known as Original. It passes four main stages before its final production. These are:

Step 1 : Mashing of grains and fermenting them;

Step 2: Distillation from four to eight times (e.g. Original and Platinum are distilled four times and Imperia – eight times, it depends on the variants of vodka) and rectification;

Step 3: The  next step is filtration, then relaxation;

Step 4: On the final stage it’s bottled and produced for sell.

There are four main well-known variants of Russian Standard vodkas such as:

 Russian Standard Vodka Original ($18  / 1 L)
– with the original signature of outstanding chemist D. Mendeelev on its bottle that makes it different from other ones. It is soft drink with the aroma of Russian grains.

 Russian Standard Vodka Gold ($40 / 750 ml) – made from golden roots of ginseng, very clear and soft drink especially for golden moments in our life.

 Russian Standard Vodka Platinum ($ 27 / 1 L) –initially rectified with the help of silver filters, finally produced as soft beverage and widely used as a special ingredient for modern cocktails.

Russian Standard Vodka Imperia ($35 / 1 L ) – the combination of north waters, eight times distillation, kind of special filtration with the mountainous crystals that results soft velvet drink.