It make you want to celebrate every time you see it! Skittles vodka, a drink made from the colorful Skittles and your favorite brand of vodka, can prove to be the most colorful and variegated drink that you have ever had in your life.
The Skittles brand, with the colorful sweets that they make, is famous all over the world on its own. Their sweets have won the hearts of millions of people all around the world. They come in multiple colors and flavors. The colors can be green, purple, red, yellow and orange.

Each color denotes a flavor. For example, the green one represents lime and the purple one represents grapes and so on. The tastes and variety in flavor has made Skittles the most popular candy in the USA among the younger generation of people.

At the same time, vodka is at the other extreme of things. Vodka needs no introduction to a connoisseur of drinks. It is one of the most widely accepted drinks, and has been so for the whole of the past millennium and all the way back till the 8th century in Poland and 9th century in Russia.

Skittles Vodka AbsolutIt is produced using material available all over the world such as potato, wheat, honey and grain, to name some of the main component elements, and hence has been easy for other countries to start making. Currently, vodka is produced in well over 50 countries across the globe. The number of brands of vodka has run into thousands today.

One of the most interesting things to have happened in recent past is that people started experimenting with flavors of vodka. This led to people mixing a number of things with vodka to add onto the taste. People also experimented by mixing these candies with vodka. The results were nothing short of phenomenal. People loved the vodka produced with the Skittles mixed. The responses were so positive that it eventually became a trend to make what has come to be known as Skittle vodka.

A number of people today make their Skittles vodka back at their homes. They make it by mixing the vodka and Skittles in a ratio of their choice, and adding or eliminating the Skittles as per their choice of color and flavor. The Skittles can be placed into multiple jars, and the vodka can be independently mixed to come up with different brands and colors all the time. If desired, these jars can further be mixed in right proportions to produce other colors and flavors of the drink.

One would want to note that the Skittles vodka is best known for drinking cold. So if you are planning to prepare your Skittles vodka then be sure to chill it before you consume. The low temperature will significantly improve your session with this wonderfully colored drink.

How to make Skittles Vodka steps will be added soon

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