Ciroc is famous brand of ultra premium vodka that is manufactured and sold by Diageo. The product is highly unique from other brands of vodkas in the sense that it uses grapes as a basic ingredient rather than wheat, potatoes, or corn. The drink was given its name through combining the French words “Cime” and “Roche”. Cime meaning a summit top, and Roch meaning rock, for a name that reflects its heritage in the Gaillac high altitude vineyards.

The vodka is 40% alcohol by volume (80 proof), and usually available in 750ml to 1.75L sized bottles. There are currently only four flavors for customers to choose from, but there are plans for expansion in the upcoming years.

Ciroc Vodka flavors


History of Ciroc Vodka

The vodka was first launched in 2003 by Diageo, and has been produced in France since then. Grapes historically obtained from the Gaillac region are currently still being used in the manufacture of the product to ensure the best quality vodka.

Circo was struggling to gain popularity in the American market, having sold only 40,000 cases of the product per year. To assist in marketing, in 2007, the brand asked Sean “Diddy” Combs to become a brand ambassador. In December of the same year, a commercial came out with Combs stating that it was the “Official vodka of New Years.” Combs venture with the brand gave them high popularity, and in 2012 they sold 2.1 million cases of the vodka.

Production of the legend

To manufacture Circo vodka, Mauzac Blanc, or snap frost grapes from the Gaillac area of France are commonly used, along with Ugni Blanc (grapes) from the Cognac region. Circo vodka is not your typical vodka, and so it uses a production process that is unique to its brand. This process is currently only used by top wine makers around the world, and the brand has somehow managed to perfect its technique in the production of vodka. The overall process of production occurs through

To detail each step, once the grapes are collected, the juice of the grapes is then extracted and goes through a process of fermentation. This fermentation takes about two weeks time to obtain the strongest and high quality grape flavour. Next, the vodka must be distilled five times. The beginning four distillations of the Ugni Blanc grapes proceed through stainless steel column stills, while Mauzac Blanc is distilled via copper continuous stills. The distillation of the end product ranges from 96.5% for Ugni and 93.5% for Mauzac. It is at this time that the two grapes mixtures are combined to make one resulting drink. The resultant mixture contains 95% Ugni and 5% Mauzac in composition. Next this mixture is sent to complete the fifth distillation, which occurs in an Armagnac style copper pot. This process ensures that the vodka comes out being smooth in texture. After completing this extensive production process, the vodka is ready for packaging, and is shipped out for all consumers to indulge in.

Circo vodka is your choice for premium smooth tasting sweet vodka that is unlike any other on the market.