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What is the best vodka of 2017? The best one is made of the unique organic ingredients such as: what it is made from, what quality and origination of water is used, and does it have its own method of creation. In accordance with this it is how the Vodka is interpreted. The experts and customers assess all the features and decide which one is the best. Although this is somehow matter of taste and interpretation.

Our aim is to be your pathfinders in the world of alcohol. We’ll try our best to give you some useful advice and recommendations about types of strong drinks and mostly about his majesty Vodka – the best member of this stuff. Life is too complicated to live without relax. The best way of relaxation is organizing parties with your family/friends/relatives. No drink – No party, especially without high-quality beverage.

Are you still here and reading this web site? This means that you have chance and opportunities to satisfy your interest about the most popular organic alcoholic beverage in the world which is called – VODKA.

Sometimes you have to make decisions among different kinds of vodka, but you have not enough information to make the best choice why you want to drink one of them and not others. Ads, proclamations, recommendations have huge impact on you and you have no “weapon” against them. In the XXI century the best “weapon” is information and we’ll provide you with it.

Up to now you might know that ‘X brand’ was named as the best drink but after skipping the site you can discover “Y brand” or persuade that you are right. Our target is to provide you with some tips, how to get the maximum pleasure from natural distilled beverage according to your budget and how to drink it.

Vodka Ratings

Top 10 Best Tasting Vodkas

Top 5 Good Cheap Vodkas 

Top 10 Most Expensive Brands

Top 10 Most Popular Vodka Brands

The list above is not complete and we’ll periodically update recent information as well as create new ratings according to other criteria.


There are several versions about origins of Vodka. On the one hand there are facts that first production of the vodka took place in Russia in the 9th century. On the other hand there are opinions and archeological materials proving that at the end of 8th century the first sample of Vodka was made in Poland. At the same time there are documents evidencing the existence of the first official distillery at the end of 18th century.

There are several ways for producing and getting Vodka. The most wide-spread material is: Wheat, potato, grain, rye, honey, Other Fruits, Vegetables And Herbs

Rules of producing

The first step is heating raw materials (potato, grain, fruit and others) until converting starch to sugar. After this process we get the substance – Mash.

The second step – Mash is fermented and heated at high temperature for the purpose of distillation. Distillation process causes extraction of spirit.

The third step – Received stuff of spirit with high %, and water is added to minimize alcohol content at the desired level.

The fourth (final) step – Drink and enjoy your Vodka.

Producer Countries

Nowadays Vodka is produced in more than 50 countries and there are more than 1000 of brands. Some of the World’s greatest brands are

Brand Country of Origin Made since Made from
Ciroc France 1993 grapes
Crystal Head Canada 2008 peaches and cream corn
Skittles Home Made NA skittles
Belvedere Poland 2009 rye
Russian Standard Russia 1998 winter grains
Absolut Sweden 1879 wheat
Grey Goose France 1997 wheat
Stolichnaya Russia 1901 wheat and rye

More to come soon!