Crystal Head Vodka is pure and smooth tasting vodka that was founded by Dan Aykroyd, and his partner John Alexander in 2007. The drink is produced by Globefill Inc. with production based in Canada, NewFoundland and Labrador. Since its launch, the vodka has gained popularity world-wide, having won a 2013 excellent taste award in Russia, and a double gold in the San Francisco World Spirits Competition, 2011. The vodka is known for its purity, having no additives or trace of glycol, citrus oil, raw sugar, or other artificial flavours. This mean its taste is naturally clean, pure, and smooth as the result of a completely unique production process.

History of Crystal Head Vodka

The idea for Crystal Head Vodka was inspired when Dan Aykroyd teamed up with John Alexander to research the story about the 13 crystal heads. Remaining a mystery to this day, there has been a discovery of 13 crystal skulls dated from 5, 000 to 35, 000 years old, found all over the world from Southwest America to Tibet. The skulls bear no tools markings, and are presumed to have been formed naturally over long time periods through processes of cohesion. There is great belief that these skulls contain spiritual powers, and offer enlightenment to those lucky enough to own them. Therefore, the skulls represent life and its beauty, and not meant to represent death or bad things like many would assume.

Crystal Head Vodka was launched in 2007, with production by Globefill, Inc, and after only a short years, it has become a leading luxury brand.


To make Crystal Head vodka, grains grown from Chatham-Kent, Ontario are used as the base ingredient. Along with this main ingredient, “peaches and cream” corn from Ontario is used to the give the vodka a slightly sweet taste. It then goes through a stage of quadruple distillation to ensure that all impurities are removed. The spirit comes out being 95% alcohol by volume, but is reduced with water to 40%. Only the most pristine waters from Newfoundland, Canada are added to the vodka for premium taste. It is then sent for triple filtration using charcoal. In the final stage, the vodka is four times filtered through Herkimer diamonds, which are 500 million years old! These crystal are only found in rare areas around the globe like Herkimer, Afghanistan, New York, and some areas of Tibet. The crystals themselves are believed to consist of great spiritual power.

When the vodka is ready to be packaged, it doesn’t come in your ordinary boring bottle, rather it ties in all the legends and beliefs on which the vodka is based. The bottle is made specifically to reflect Dan and Alexander’s passion for the myth about the 13 crystal heads all over the world. Unlike other vodka bottles on the market, you are sure to notice the individually and uniqueness of Crystal Head Vodka. The glass bottle that cases the vodka is set in the shape of a human skull. Bruni Glass, a Milan based company, is the manufacturer of the bottles. However, coming up with the perfect skull glass bottle was a great challenge. Somehow after 2 years of research and development, they surpassed the complexity of the project to build a bottle for a vodka that now not only tastes good, but looks cool too.

For a vodka that offers more than just a smooth taste, for those that believe in all things unexplainable, supernatural, Crystal Head Vodka offers peace and enlightenment with each sip.

1 liter Crystal Skull Vodka can be obtained for about $47.

There could be found the following bottle sizes: 187 ml, 750 ml, 1000 ml and 1750 ml.

Due to its unique bottle design this is one of the best gifts for vodka lovers at various parties: birthday, wedding, special events, etc. Every customer is happy to be granted this type of vodka and especially to taste it. After trying it lots of people become its lovers because of its special strong taste and high quality. You can never forget it when tasting. As a rule when you like the bottle design you have feeling that the production is not as good as it seems to be though this is the case when the result exceeds the expectation.

A few word from the founder Dan Aykroyd



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