As this blog is dedicated especially to Vodka and related topics we’ll discuss its types. One of the main reasons for that was the fact that there was no qualified Internet resources about above mentioned topic. Below let’s talk about the most important types of Vodka in details. Generally Vodka could be classified in different ways e.g. countries of origination, production, flavor and non-flavor.

Country of Origination

Historically the major Vodka producing countries are Russia and Poland. According to the various sources there is no definite statement which one is the homeland of this drink. Besides that other states have their own history of Vodka production which counts centuries back. Some experts differ producing countries by base/ingredients though in the meantime they’re the same in fact. And much attention is paid to exactly what kind of water and techniques are used for producing this drink. Besides Russia and Poland it should be mentioned that the Great Britain, the USA, France, the Netherlands, Canada and New Zealand are in the top list of Vodka producers.

Base of Vodka

In the process of Vodka production several bases are used such as: grains, wheat, potato, corn, fruits, etc. As it is known alcohol in normal quantity is important and necessary for health. Also it’s essential what it is made of. For instance Plum Vodka is very useful for health. There are several Vodka versions which are produced in a small shape because of rare ingredients.

Flavor and Non-Flavor

Flavored Vodka means that special distinguishable aroma and flavor are added to the drink. Most popular aromas are: fruit (apple, berries, cherries, peaches, etc.), citrus, pepper, honey, coffee, chocolate, etc. Generally the flavored Vodka is smooth drink and pleasant for most of customers.

Non-flavored Vodka doesn’t contain any aroma or flavor and is neutral by taste. The vast majority of customers consider that if Vodka is based on fruit it should be flavored Vodka though that is not true itself. The fact is that non-flavored Vodka doesn’t contain aromatize but still the main ingredients are felt in it, e.g. in honey Vodka which is non-flavored the smell of honey is distinguished and more attention should be paid in order to feel this smell. When honey Vodka is flavored the aroma and taste of honey is much more felt.

Vodka Production Technology

Doesn’t matter Vodka is made by a company or home-made the technology is different for each of them, e.g. some of them have single filtration while others – more than two times filtration. Also some of them use coal and others – diamond crystal filtration and even other kind of filtration.

Alcoholic Content

Vodka types could be differed from one another by alcoholic content and percentage. The alcoholic content is different by countries and regions as well. It’s widely spread to have 40% (80 proof) Vodka. Also Vodka with 37,5% is very popular. As for home-made Vodka the content and percentage varies and might reach up to 70-80%. High percentage makes Vodka more difficult to drink and less is enough to get drunk. That’s why 40% is considered as the golden middle.

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