The Coolest Drinking Games of 2017 : Getting your party off on the right foot

Whether you are throwing a big bash or just a quiet kick back, the coolest drinking games are great ways to jump start the party.  Drinking games also serve as an amazing ice breaker.  They help people relax and get more comfortable while also helping them to bond with other people in the process.  While there are hundreds of drinking games out there, most of which have been over played, there are some really cool and unique games that are sure to impress your gathering. 

Here are some of the coolest drinking games that will bring any slowing party up to speed.


The Name Game

The name game is a great way to get to people to know each other and also one of the coolest drinking games of 2017.  This is perfect for a party where you are trying to merge two circles into one.  Have everyone gather round, either at a table or sit in a circle, and grab some drinks.  Go around the circle once and everyone states their name.  To begin someone just has to point at someone in the circle and say that person’s name.  This goes around and around, with people pointing at other people in random saying their name.  What makes this game interesting is that you try to pick up speed as the game goes on.  If someone calls out the wrong name it will set off a drinking chain around the circle.

If you are playing with well known group of friends who can easily remember each other’s names, there is a way to shake it up!  Instead of using names, assign each friend a nick name or a color.  The results will be entertaining and is sure to bring everyone together.

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Drunken Jenga

This drinking game takes a little bit of preparation.  First you need to buy a Jenga game.  Leave the wood pieces by the door with some markers, as people enter your party instruct them to write a drinking rule on the wood pieces.  Things like “Social” and “Take a double shot” are encouraged.  Make sure not to fill out every piece because that will quickly get out of hand, but just enough pieces to have a killer game.

From there you simply play the game.  Pair people up so that the drinking burden is evenly spread out.  Each time a team successfully pulls out a party rule block, the other teams have to follow the rule.  If that block brings down the whole tower, the team that pulled it has to drink.



Truth, Dare or Shot!

This is a drunken twist on a classic game and is also a great way to push your friends out of their comfort zone.  Played like your average truth or dare game, you give you friend a choice of one of the three.  The twist is that even if they pick truth or dare, they still have the option to back out and go with the safe “take a shot” choice.  But be careful!  Too many “shot’ choices may lead to some really embarrassing dares.


Frozen Man

This drinking game is sure to test your attention and wits which makes for one of the coolest drinking games.  To start you must designate a person as the “frozen man” at the beginning of the party.  At any point in the night, this person can choose to “freeze” and stand still.  Everyone around them must pay attention when this happens and follow suit.  The last person to “freeze” has to do a shot and then becomes the new “frozen man”.  This game is sure to keep your friends on their toes all night long.


Who Dun’ It?

If you want to play a game that combines socially drinking with a murder mystery, then look no further!  To start you want to use disposable cups, the red plastic cups work the best.  Draw a black ‘”X” at the bottom inside of one of these cups.  Come up with an elaborate story about how there has been a murder, for some extra flare construct a crime scene.  The person with the black “X” is the suspect.  For the rest of the game it is their job to dodge suspicion.  If someone correctly calls them out, the game starts over.  The one thing that keeps this game interesting is that the suspect should try to always keep their cup full as to avoid getting caught.  This is one of the coolest drinking games for people who like a little bit of mystery with their alcohol.


Don’t Laugh

Another great ice breaker to try out is “Don’t Laugh”.  This game pins people one against one.  Have two people sit in two chairs facing each other in the center of the room.  Their job is to make the person facing opposite them laugh or to keep a straight face.  Whoever breaks first must drink and then go to the back of the line.  The person to make them laugh gets to stick around in their chair until someone forces them to break.


Bite the Bag

This game will push your friends to their limits, mentally and physically.  To start you have everyone gather in a circle.  In the center of the circle is a paper bag standing up, its best to start with a large paper bag like one you would find in a grocery store.  Have everyone take turns picking up the bag by using just their mouths.  For extra measure, have them put their hands behind their back.

Whoever is unable to pick up the bag has to take a drink.  To raise the stakes, after each round trim a little bit off the top of the bag.  Keep the game going until there is nothing more than a tiny band of paper around the top of the bag.  This is sure to keep your friends rolling all night long.


Spit Take

Spit take works best for outdoors parties or in any place that you don’t mind getting wet.  This game works much like “Don’t laugh” but with a higher risk level.  Instead of having the two people wait to laugh, you make them fill their mouths with water and hold it.  From there, all they have to do is hold a staring contest with the person opposite them.  Whenever someone “breaks” it causes them to spit their water in the other’s face.  The person who lost their water has to take a drink and go to the back of the line.  This is a game where there are truly no winners because either you’re taking a shot or you’re getting wet!


Power Hour

Power hour has become a very popular drinking game among the college community.  This is because its main goal is to get people loosened up as fast as possible.  The main goal is to get people to drink a certain designated amount of drinks in an hour.  As fun as it seems; do not try to kill your friends.  Keep the expectations to a reasonable limit to assure that everyone still has fun but also stays safe.  You can get creative to when it comes to announcing “power hour”.  Whether you choose to alert your friends with an air horn or with a cannon of glitter, the more exciting it is the better.  This is one of the coolest drinking games because your friends never know when the time will come when they need to double down.



Opa is a word that you will hear many Greek people using as a way to say “Cheers!”  Did you know that this also makes for one wicked awesome drinking game?  If you have ever been to a Greek wedding or celebration there is one amazing thing you may see.  That is when a single shot glass full of alcohol gets placed on the floor.  It is the job of whoever is drinking it to gets down on their knees and pick up the shot glass and take the drink with their hands tied behind their back.   This is not only a great way to ring in a little celebration but also a great way to push your friends to their limits.


Slip and Flip

This slippery drinking game is meant to be played outside, so save it for your summer BBQ.  It combines all of the best parts of summer, slip and slides and drinking.  You will need two long tarps with water and soap.  You will have friends work in teams to try to get their opponents to drink as much as possible.  To set this game up you will need to put a row of drinks at the end of each slide.  Once a person from each team slides down the slippery tarps at the same time, they must grab a drink at the end and try to flip the cup to land upside down.

Once they successfully flip their cup the next member from their team can slide and drink.  This goes on and on until each person from the team has successfully flipped their cup.  The team who flips their cups fastest wins.  This is one of the coolest drinking games because not only will your friends have a fun sense of competition but they will cool off too!


Never Have I Ever

Sometimes to get a party started, all you need is a classic!  This game has been around for years and still is one of the most popular games played today.  Have everyone gather together in one room with drinks in hand.  One person starts by saying “never have I ever” and they add in one juicy secret.  Anyone in the group who has done that activity must drink.  This is not only a great way for everyone to learn more about each other but also a great way to embarrass each other in a fun way.


Wrapping it up!

Whenever playing a drinking game the most important thing to remember that everything is better in moderation.  Nothing kills a party vibe more than someone getting hurt or drinking too much.  So to keep your party fresh and fun for everyone, keep it chill.  By playing one of the coolest drinking games of 2017 safely and responsibly you are guaranteed to have a party that people will remember.  Good luck.

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