Are you interested which cheap Vodka under $ 10 is the best? Then you have to read this article in order to get more information about that. You’ll get know which one is the best cheap Vodka. There are several types of Vodka which prices exceed above mentioned price though there are some of them cheap and with best taste. These prices are presented all over the World. The price per 1 liter Vodka could be less than $ 10 (especially in the USA). The Vodkas below are enlisted by taste:

1. Svedka Vodka

It belongs to one of the best Swedish Vodkas. It is based on grains. You’re recommended to taste this good Vodka when you lack finances. Svedka Vodka exists both unflavored and flavored having aroma of citron, cherry, vanilla, etc. It is 5 times distilled from wheat and clean.

2. Smirnoff Vodka

This is one of the most wide-spread Vodkas in the World. There is a great choice of it. It has different aroma such as: green apple, watermelon, blueberry, cranberry, citrus, etc. Lots of people prefer to have Smirnoff Vodka in comparison with other types of this drink. Despite the fact it is inexpensive this is assumed to be the premium Vodka with better taste.

3. UV Vodka

It is flavored Vodka having several versions such as: pink, red, blue, green, citrus, etc. It represents clear and grain Vodka types. It could be tried as one shot, martini and in cocktails.

4. Popov Vodka

Popov Vodka is grain based with 40 ⁰C degree. It is popular in the place of its origination, the USA and has quite pleasant to drink.

5. Burnett’s Vodka

It is popular American Vodka and has bitter taste. Frequently it could be drunk along with fruit juice like cherry, orange, etc. At the same time it’s the cheapest one in this list of Vodkas.

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